Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to our Supper Club. If you still have questions or wish to inquire regarding a reservation, please send us an email:

I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?

Please let us know about any food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate you! While we adhere to modern food-safety guidelines for preventing cross-contamination, we use gluten, tree nuts, legumes, etc. in many of our dishes and they are present within our kitchen.


Do you offer Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegetarian, or Vegan options?

As a whole, no. Culinary Hedonism’s Supper Club is geared toward the conscientious omnivore. We believe in the adage, “Everything in moderation,” and carry that mindset forth in our food. Our tasting menus feature a wide-array of ingredients and preparations and you will find that many of the dishes served from our tasting menus are Gluten-free, Dairy-free, etc. As a whole though, we do not offer entire menus that adhere to specific food-restrictive lifestyle choices.

What's the Size of your Supper Club Dinners?

We limit our Supper Club dinners to 12 people. We do this for a couple reasons. Firstly, we like to keep things intimate and give you an opportunity to meet and engage with a small and diverse group who all share a common passion for food and socialization. Secondly, we have a limited space and staff and a smaller group allows us to focus on the quality of our dishes and the service and hospitality you deserve.

Where is the Supper Club venue located?

Culinary Hedonism hosts its Supper Club within ever-changing venues. Currently, we are hosting some of our Dinners in a beautiful private venue within Rancho Santa Fe. When weather permits, we love to host our guests outdoors in natural, organic spaces. Our venues are carefully vetted and selected based to ensure that they compliment our unique vision and style. We will follow up the night before and provide you with the venue location in a confirmation email.  In the event of (rare) inclement weather, we will host you inside our venue.

What Should I Wear?

Please come dressed comfortably in whatever you feel best in. No judgment from us, we promise! Please do keep in mind that you will usually be dining alfresco. We do have a lovely gas fire pit with cushioned seating as well as heaters, but you may wish to bring something appropriate for cooler evenings.

What If I need to Cancel My Reservation?

Cancellation Policy

Culinary Hedonism Cooking Class and Supper Club Cancellation Policy:
We understand that sometimes things come up in life and may not be able to attend a class or Supper Club. Up to 48 hours (2 days) before your scheduled event, you may reschedule or be credited with an unused class for each reservation made. PLEASE KINDLY NOTE THAT WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. We ask that you ensure that you and any guests are available for the date for which you purchase space(s).
Should you need to cancel within 48 hours (2 days) of your event, please notify us so that we can open up the space(s) to others. We will make a concerted effort to fill the space(s) and if we do, we will still credit you for a future class or Supper Club!

What if I'm late?

Please don’t be. Guests who are late tend to be stressed and that is projected upon the group and your experience with us. We understand that traffic can be hit or miss in San Diego but please budget your time to allow for this. We will not be able to take calls, texts, or emails 60 min leading up to an event. In the event that you are late, we will make every effort to greet you and show you to our table. You will be able to pick up where we presently are in the service.

How Do I Make a Reservation?

Easy! Send us an email at and let us know your name, phone number, and how many spots you would like. You will receive a confirmation from Culinary Hedonism if we have a space for you on the requested date. We may also offer you an alternative date if we cannot accommodate your request.

Do You Accommodate Groups?

We aim to limit group sizes to two (2) persons or less. We wish to create an atmosphere where people can meet new people, enjoy food and drink, and socialize in a unique atmosphere.

If you would like us to host a private dinner for a larger group, please reach out to us and we are happy to work with you.

May I Bring My Own Wine/Beer?

We will provide our guests with wine, beer, or spirits that have been carefully selected and paired to our menu. Should you wish to bring a special bottle to share with the table, you are welcome to do so!

May I Take Pictures With My Phone?

Of course. We understand that you want to take pictures and it’s a sincere form of flattery to us! You are also welcome to tag us on Facebook (Culinary Hedonism) and Instagram (@CulinaryHedonism)

Please also feel free to hashtag any pics as well using #CulinaryHeodnism

Plating a course for our tasting menu