Culinary Hedonism is dedicated to featuring only the best ingredients for our Supper Club events. Our produce is always organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Since our inception, we’ve been working to develop close relationships with Greater San Diego’s farmers, purveyors, wine-makers, and distillers. We believe in investing first within our community and highlighting the hard work and dedication that goes into small farms and businesses. 

Below is a list of our favorite purveyors and what we typically source from each. We’re constantly seeking out locally sourced food, beverages, and crafts to bring to our events for our guests to enjoy so please check back at our growing list. We hope you’ll join us in supporting these amazing people and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Wild Willow Farms

The southern-most organic farm on the entire West Coast, Wild Willow farms provides Culinary Hedonism with beautiful fresh produce, herbs and edible flowers. Wild Willow Farm is heavily involved with classes and workshops focusing on organic composting and urban gardening.

Da-Le Ranch

Da-Le Ranch is a small, family-owned ranch in Riverside County. You’ll find them at many of the Farmers’ Markets throughout San Diego. Culinary Hedonism purchases pork, lamb, duck eggs, hen eggs, and beef from Da-Le whenever possible.

Dickinson Farm

One of our earliest purveyors, Dickinson Farm is veteran-owned urban farm located in Chula Vista. The owners, Stephani and Mike are dedicated to growing the finest heirloom produce and are dedicated to quality over quantity. We love to use their heirloom lettuces, tomatoes, corn, herbs, and flowers. They host quarterly farm-to-fork dinners featuring local chefs throughout the area.

Catalina Offshore Products

Our go-to fish monger for nearly every dinner, the folks at Catalina Offshore specialize in sustainable and locally caught seafood. Open to the public, Catalina OP is a great place to find sushi-grade fish, uni, shellfish, and live spot prawns when they’re in season.

Pigment in North Park

A boutique store located in the hip and trendy neighborhood of North Park, Pigment is where Culinary Hedonism had it’s centerpieces made for the dining table at each Supper Club.

Venissimo Cheese

With locations throughout San Diego, Venissimo Cheese is our go-to when trying to source local cheeses to feature at our Supper Club dinners. This is also a great place to get your hands on some of the best butter in the world – Rodolphe Le Meunier’s “Buerre de Baratte.” Seriously, it’s the probably one of the best cultured butter’s you will ever taste in your life. Head to Venissimo and get your hands of some.

San Diego Honey

We love honey – especially when it’s raw and locally harvested by dedicated network of bee-keepers throughout San Diego County. We’ve used local honey comb and honey at many of our events. San Diego Honey Company can be found at local markets like Sprouts and also at various Farmers’ Markets throughout the area.

You & Yours Distilling Co.

You & Yours Distilling Co. is San Diego’s first “Destination Distillery.” The team at Y&Y distills their own Vodka and Gin and offers a tasting room at their facility in the East Village neighborhood where guests can taste some of the finest craft cocktails in San Diego. We love to use their gin for infusions and welcome cocktails at our Supper Club.