Over millennia, food has always been one of the driving forces that brings us together. Cultures, ideas, art, and beliefs have been shared across the world through the simple fact that we are innately social beings who seek out good company while enjoying what nature has given us. We wish to carry this notion forward by embracing the idea that preparing and enjoying food with one another brings us closer together through sharing a time-honored tradition that predates civilization itself.

Our mission at Culinary Hedonism is to inspire everyone from the novice home cook to the experienced and well-traveled foodie. We aim to accomplish this by creating a fun and unique experience through our Supper Club, Classes, and Catering.  We emphasize dynamic menus that change with the quality and availability of ingredients. Our food is always sourced from responsible purveyors who share our vision and values.  While we believe in sharing the culinary traditions of the past, we also believe in presenting and teaching the contemporary trends, styles, and ingredients that are constantly being discovered within our modern world.